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We use cookies on our website in order to provide the highest level of user experience for you. Of course, you can change your cookie setting any time, if you wish. 

Cookie types

The cookies used on the website of the company are classified in 4 different categories, in accordance with the classification of the International Chamber of Commerce: strictly necessary, performance, functionality and targeting or advertising cookies.



1. Strictly necessary cookies

This type of cookies makes browsing the website possible. Without these, servicing the contents visited on the website of the company (including the use of safety protocols) becomes impossible.

The company’s website identifies you during the use of the website by a cookie containing a series of encrypted characters. Every time you enter the data subject interface a cookie containing a unique identifier is placed on your computer. For example: session cookie.

These cookies are essential for the operation of the website, therefore they cannot be disabled.

Please stop using the company’s website, if you do not wish these cookies to be downloaded in your browser.

2. Performance cookies

These cookies collect information about how the visitors use a website. For example which pages are visited most frequently, where the customers are faced with error messages.

No information is stored in these cookies, by which the websites could identify the visitor. The information collected by these is used only as aggregated and anonymous data. Their purpose is to improve the functions available on the company’s website and the user experience.Their purpose is to improve the functions available on the company’s website and the user experience.

The cookies collecting data about the performance of the website can be disabled and deleted in the settings of the browser. 

3. Functionality cookies

These cookies enable storage of the user name used on the website and the selected language preference. For example a website is capable of providing local news based on the stored geographical location of the visitor. These cookies are capable of storing the changed text size and other similar settings. The settings stored in the cookies are anonymous. Their stored value cannot be traced back to the data subjects by the host. For example: Drupal.tableDrag.showWeight Drupal.toolbar.collapsed 

The cookies storing the personal settings can be disabled and deleted in the settings of the browser. See further details here.

Disabling these cookies affect the functions of the company’s website and therefore, the user experience.

4. Targeting or advertising cookies

These cookies allow for the visitors to meet advertisement messages meeting their interests.

The host of the company’s website uses the Google Analytics service for the statistical analysis of the visitors’ behavior. Despite the fact that the information disclosed to third parties contains no personal data, the visiting data in some cases can be traced back to the data subjects.

The host of the company’s website uses Google Adwords and other advertising systems to display the online advertisements. These services might store the visitors’ IP address and other identifying information that is not considered personal data, in order to display the advertisementof the company later on external websites. Examples:id, RSMKTO1, _mkto_trk, __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz

You can read more about the targeting or advertising cookies and their disabling here.


Cookie neveDefinitions of CookieDelivered data
employee_login_last_emailstore your email address when you sign into close your browser




permanent entry180 days ~ half a year
come_fromaccess redirection10 minutes
adv_apply*applying for a job2 months
c_json_apStore json api email address and token24 hours
partnersitepartner page name1 day
after_adv_apply*setting up an application when sending mail20 seconds
alert_cvdb_restrictionscvdb reach daily limit1 day
resolutionresolution (width)1 week
predictionio*user ID cookie to recommend personalized ads 



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