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Révész Trans Kft., the flagship of Révész Group, is the owner of the largest bulk transporting vehicle park of Hungary and also considered as a significant capacity in Europe. Révész Trans Kft. was established and started its operation on 1 February 1998, specializing in silo and ADR material transport. Its registered seat is in Szorgalmatos and the central site is the MOL industrial park in Tiszaújváros.


Révész Trans Kft.


The company specialized in the transportation of silo goods (bulk powder and granulated materials as well as industrial and healthcare goods in liquid form and in cylinders. The targeted customer segment demands a very high level of availability and flawless delivery, therefore we keep the average age of the fleet at a very low level. Due to the work performed so far, the number of orders increases continuously and this can only be implemented with replacing the current transport devices with more modern versions and purchasing new combination vehicles.


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In order to improve the background conditions of the silo transportation, we operate a special silo vehicle and track wash at the Tiszaújváros site of Révész Trans Kft. Cleaning the inside and the assemblies of the silo semitrailers and the external washing are performed by operating state-of-the-art technologies in the facility. The risk of material contamination in the silo transportation can be reduced to a minimum due to the high level cleaning and the strict control. Our service in Tiszaújváros performs the servicing and repairs of our own fleet. At the end of 2007, we established a MOT test base during the renovation of the service building. In addition, our wide range of solutions includes repair, maintenance and service of our vehicles; rubber tire mounting and MOT testing; vehicle information check; environment protection audit. During the auditing of our service, in addition to the National Transport Authority permit, we also obtained the DEKRA NKH 2/2010 certification for this scope of activities.

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